UI/UX: Design and marketing strategies for target users, User experience with contextual features, Users’ preference-making, Training schedules in learning and forgetting, Senior-friendly products, Music recommendation systems, Clothes matching for online users, E-commerce web sites

Human-Computer Interaction: User perceptions and judgments for design factors, Hi-touch emotional designs, Perceived usability and aesthetics, Affordances and emotional responses, Bio-signals and emotions, Cognitive styles and interaction types, Familiarity and transfer effects

User modeling: Descriptive models based on empirical studies, Decision-making models based on user behaviors, GOMS and its variations, Formal modeling with Finite State Automata (FSA), Case-based reasoning approaches

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT middleware architectures, Social Internet of Things (SIoT), Human-object interfaces and service application program interfaces (APIs)

Service design: Service experience and quality, Service ecosystems with human interactions, Service blueprinting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)